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Below are some additional links to some websites that your child can use at home. These are some of the same literacy and math websites that your child will be using throughout the school year in the classroom.
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Starfall Literacy Systematic phonics approach with phonemic awareness practice is a great tool for your child. 
First Grade Skills: Interactive Activities Literacy and Math Standards based links and our grade level "Skillbuilders" to help students practice what they have been taught. 
PBS Kids Games Literacy Discover a wealth of resources, activities, and curriculum materials to help kids learn to read and write.  
High Frequency Words Literacy Students fill in the blank with the correct high frequency word 
Clifford: Make a Word Literacy Students use vowels sounds to make real words 
Clifford: Concentration Middle Sounds Literacy Students match words/pictures with the same middle sounds 
Clifford: Letter Match Literacy Students sort words based on their beginning letter sound 
Clifford: Sound Match Literacy Students choose pictures that begin with the same sounds and group them together 
Nina Loves to Name Things Literacy - Language Development Students choose items that belong in a store, zoo, airport, etc 
Reggie Loves to Rhyme Literacy - Language Development Students choose two pictures that rhyme with each other 
Listen and Read: Animals and Food Literacy These 15 short, high-interest, nonfiction stories from Scholastic News boost early reading skills and support differentiated reading and ELL students. 
Listen and Read: Social Studies Literacy Transport your 1st graders back in time with bite-sized educational articles from Scholastic News that include read-along audio and photo support.  
Math Facts Shoot-Out Math Children will enjoy solving math problems while playing Math Fact Shoot-Out. You can choose from addition and subtraction games.  
Number Values: Less than, Greater than, Equal to Math Practice comparing number values playing a fun more than, less than game. Children must count the number of dots and decide which symbol completes the statement. 
Railroad Patterns Math Children learn to recognize patterns in this fun interactive game. Look at the pattern the train is riding on and complete the it by dragging the appropriate color block to complete the pattern. How far can you go? 
100 Number Grid Math This fun game helps kids to develop an understanding of patterns and number relationships with a number grid from one to one hundred.  
Addition is Fun Math Kids solve addition problems with movable manipulatives. Great for everyday math practice!  
Bugabaloo Math Practice you r addition facts through 9 by figuring out how many shoes each bug has. 
Subtraction Harvest Math Using the apples on the tree, practice your subtraction facts through 10. 
Matching Addition Math Match the addition problem to the correct answer as fast as you can. The faster you match, the higher you score. 
Matching Subtraction Math Match the subtraction problem to the correct answer as fast as you can. The faster you match, the higher you score. 
Add Like Mad Math Click on the squares to add the numbers so that they equal the value under the word "Number." 
Subtraction Action Math Click on the squares to subtract the numbers so that they equal the value under the word "Number." 
Stop the Clock Math Drag the five digital times to the correct analogue clock then press STOP THE CLOCK to record your time. Play again to try to beat your best time. 
Telling Time Math Match the analogue clock to the same time shown on the digital clock. 
Spelling City Literacy - Spelling Words  
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