Our first graders have access to some great online programs.
Please see your child's teachers for username and password information for each program.
The website contains many online books at every level. Your child can log in and read texts and take comprehension quizzes at his or her current reading level. Please click on this link and then have your child enter his/her username and password to begin.

ST Math
ST Math is a game-based instructional program that builds a deep conceptual understanding of math through rigorous learning and creative problem solving to engage, motivate and challenge students toward higher achievement. Please click on this link, click on the ST Math icon, and then have your child enter his/her username and password to begin.

Spelling City
Spelling City is a website where teachers integrate their weekly word list with skill-building such as handwriting, vocabulary, reading, fluency, and phonics through engaging games and activities to help study spelling words. Please click on this link, click on the Vocabulary Spelling City icon, and then have your child enter his/her username and password to begin.


Below you can find other resources to help your child succeed.

Sight Words and Spelling Words:

This is a list of 300 sight words that your child should be able to read and spell by the end of first grade. These are the most frequently used words in the books that they will be reading this year. (Please see Attachment 1 Sight Words and Spelling Words.pdf at the bottom of this page.)

Home Reading:
Reading at home is very important in order for your child to succeed. Your child should be practicing reading at his/her reading level. Remember...your child should be reading at a Level I by the end of 1st grade. Daily instruction at school and practice at home is key to your child's success. When reading with your child at home, please use the strategies listed to help him/her decode unknown words in the text. These are the same strategies used in class. (Please see the Reading Bookmark.pdf at the bottom of this page)

General Suggestions

There are many things that your child needs to know before s/he can proceed onto 2nd grade. The following is a list of things that you can practice with your child at home.

-Read books at a Level I or higher independently
-Sight Words / Spelling Words
-Write a story (at least 6-8 sentences long with a hook, central idea, beginning,
  middle, ending, and conclusion that uses detailed sentences)

-Write a letter (with date, greeting, body, closing, and signature)
-Write a report (with facts, pictures, diagrams)
-Count to 100 and be able to recognize the numbers
-Add and subtract numbers up to 100
-Tell time to the hour and half hour
-Know about plants, animals, weather, solids, and liquids
-Know about their community and country
-How to take care of their body, exercise, and eat healthy foods

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